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Painting Tips

Painting Tips

A practical tip to "increase" your interiors is to paint the ceiling-walls in the same shade.

In this way, the space becomes single and more uniform, making it look bigger.

Choose your favorite color and shape the same color on the ceiling-walls, making the space look like a high ceiling.

We recommend using light colors for painting in closed, small and dark spaces that do not have enough natural light from windows.
This is because light colors give more light to the space, consequently "enlarging" it and making it more pleasant!

Using one of the styles available in our store, you can achieve a flawless decorative solution in the cheapest and most effective way!

Imitation wood, marble or blackboard techniques can easily decorate your space with low cost and excellent aesthetic result (unlike e.g. wallpapers)!

Each type of paint is diluted differently and at a different dilution rate. Plastic / acrylic paints are diluted about 8-12% with water.

Solvent paints are diluted similarly but usually with brush solvent or white spirit, while more specialized paints such as pool paints, floor paints etc. are diluted with more special solvents, which are usually indicated on the label affixed to the back of the product.

The most common paint tools used by either private or professional oil painters are the roller and the brush.

Usually the former is used for the painting of large surfaces, while the latter for the "cuts", ie the painting of the surface around the perimeter.

The type of roll varies depending on the type of surface. There are rolls with thick (uncut) and thin fur (spatula) and others that are made of foam.

Drying time is not specific, but varies depending on the density and composition of the material and weather conditions.

Thus, water-based plastic / acrylic paints take less time to dry than solvent repolins.

The summer months are the ideal time to freshen up our space, because the processes are accelerated as we have a strong ally in the weather. In contrast, in bad weather and humidity conditions, the drying capacity of each paint slows down.

However, the estimated surface drying and repainting time is 3-4 hours at 25 ° C and 50% humidity.

The technique of covering wall cracks depends on their extent and depth.

In the case of small cracks, a simple acrylic trowel is enough to cover them.

In more difficult cases, before using the spatula putty, it is necessary to cover the gaps in the wall with an elastomeric water putty. This putty contains special microspheres, so that it fills without difficulty, shrinks slightly during drying and in addition to heat insulation and easy rubbing.

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